Anyone else done a beverly diet?

  1. Anyone else done a beverly diet?

    Well i went down to beverly ( beverly international is a company in ky.)and had my bodyfat and diet done. Well let me first say i was quite disappointed, i had let myself get to 15.5% bf. which is very high for me. the last visit i had with them was a year ago after i got back from my deployment to the pentagon for a year. when i got back i was 9.6% and weighed 181. now im 181 and 15.5%... what a shocker...

    i was so obsessed with getting to 200 lbs i just let myself go nuts with the food. i dont think ill be doing the bulking thing again anytime soon.

    i shoud have started this diet a while ago to be ready for summer. i have already lost about 6lbs following their diet. i go back down there july 31st so well have to see how ill be looking by then...

    im eating roughly about 2200calories.

    energy levels are kinda low right now because i guess im use to eating everything and anything. though this time i dont care what happens im going to make it at least 8%....... i will post pics soon.

    by the way my stats are

    181 lbs
    35yrs old (what a bummer.....LOL)
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  2. I'm sorry bro, help me out. You say you just got back from Beverly?? What the hell is Beverly? I'm interested only b/c I'd like to have an accurate BF test.

  3. beverly international is a company in cold spring, ky. they have their own line of supplements and they do diets and bodycomp for people wanting to compete or just get in shape... their staff is awesome...

  4. I know of Beverly International (never bought their products tho), I just didn't know they had a center for getting people in shape....

    I thought maybe it was some "weight watchers" or jenny craig place...

  5. no its a no BS place..... they know their sh*t

  6. Yep. I have a buddy in the US who competed and he used their products and consultation services to get in shape.

    He was losing BF and gaining LBM while dieting for this show. It was impressive.


  7. right now im almost down 10lbs and it really doesnt look like i have lost a ton... i still feel pretty pumped up...can see a little more vascularity

  8. ive switched from 40/40/20 to beverly style for the last 4 weeks of my pre contest diet to really kick in the fat burning process...i think it works well if you eat enough, protein, fat, and throw some amino acids (BCAA particularly before/after workouts+cardio) to keep the muscle on...The thing i love about the bev style diet is you get to eat a lot of protein which fills you up, then on the third and seventh evening you get to eat a big ass carb replenshing meal (1.5cups oatmeal, 10 oz sweet potato, 10 oz banana, 1 cup veggies)
    its hard to finish sometimes!!! their products are top notch but i dont use them cause they are so expensive!!! i would definitely recomend contacting beverly to get a diet from them and then tweak it as far as protein shakes and supplements go...

  9. In other words, a CKD.
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  10. I've never used their products before but I've seen a lot of competitors who use them and follow their diets and they always look incredible!

  11. definitely starting to look leaner now.... im almost 3 weeks into it..


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