lost 15lbs in 1 week...

  1. lost 15lbs in 1 week...

    alright, ive been hitting the gym hard for a while now, and i have a solid routine, and im starting to fill out nicely, and take shape..BUT...

    i had some **** go on in my life ( gf issues...well...now ex gf ) and a bunch of stress from school and what not, which made me sick to my stomach for about a week. Durring that week i only took in about 400 cals ( if that ) a day. i went from 183 to 166. Now i was also on a pre-workout before which had lots of creatine in it, so im assuming while i was sick when i didn't take it, i lost all the water weight i had put on with it.

    so my question is. My goal is to loose weight and just get in shape, not really concerned with strength..just looks. Am i ok with the weight loss? did it just get me over a plateau? ive been eating normal again, and haven't put on a single pound yet, and im starting to loose size around the middle...but is it unhealthy for me to have lost all that weight and not put some of it back on? should i start putting in more cals and gain some weight back, or should i just keep eating normal and just stick at the new weight?


  2. It's mostly just water and glycogen, and maybe a pound or two each of muscle and fat. If you consume carbs again you'll get it back.

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