New Problem-possible low blood sugar..How much sugar per day?

  1. New Problem-possible low blood sugar..How much sugar per day?

    Thanks for your responses on the other thread. I have a new problem now..
    I think I am getting low blood sugar..I am tired now until I have burst of sugar. I have been trying to cut down my sugars and maximize fat/protein/complex..
    How much sugar should I have per day if I am trying to cut? I wasn't a big "sugar" eater to begin with in terms of processed sugars. I don't eat candy, etc.
    Mostly all of the sugar I take in was from protein bars..sometimes MetRX brownies. Should I even be concerned about sugar if I am going to be doing a ton of cardio?

  2. Sugars are included in the carbohydrate category. ALL carbohydrates are essentially broken down into glucose. If you had low plasma glucose you would be symptomatic which includes: dizziness, possible fainting, light headed, tunnel vision, etc.. Carbohydrate (complex) ingestion at sufficient quantities will maintain blood glucose levels in a healthy individual.

  3. There was something definitely wrong then. Either it was the decrease in fat and/or sugar.
    I was extremely tired. and the only change was the amount of sugar I was taking in

  4. Are you diabetic? If you answer no, is it possible? Have you been tested? Do you consume enough iron? Are you taking any anabolic hormones? Most obvious, are you getting enough sleep for your level of activity? Your carbohydrate intake (all carbohydrates) may not be sufficient if you dropped sugars if they were a high percent of your total kcals.

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