tips on tweaking my cut?

  1. tips on tweaking my cut?

    Been bulking since my surgery back in January and i'm looking to start cutting at the beginning of next semester (January) after all the christmas and thanksgiving feasts here is my plan

    I'm should be sitting pretty at around 190lbs by then. B/F estimate is around 15-17 perent. Ideally I'd want to be at 170 with 8-10 percent.

    Lifting days will be Sat/Sun/Tues/Wed/Thurs

    My first class isn't until 9:30 monday through friday. So i'll do fasted cardio for 20-30 minutes on monday, wednesday, and friday mornings.

    I'm thinking i'll start with a 300 kcal deficit for the first few weeks then bump it to 500 below maintenance after i start to plateau with that. Possibly using a fat burn supp after the first 6-8 weeks if fat loss stalls.

    I'm probably eating around 3500 kcals a day currently so i'll drop that to 3100 then 2800 when fat loss stalls.

    Protein will come primarily from chicken breast, tuna, talapia, lean ground beef, and the occasional steak.

    Carbs will be only from oats, Ww breads, pasta, and sweet potatos.

    Fats will be from eggs, olive oil and nuts primarily.

    Protein/Carb/Fat will be 40/40/20 or as close as I can maintain that unless yall have other advice.

    This is my first attempt at losing weight and i want to see what I can do without fat burning supps for now. Any tips or pointers will be appreciated

  2. bump. anybody have any input to help me out?

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