weight loss advice

  1. weight loss advice

    OK, so I have been trying HARD to shed about 20lbs of blubber the past 10-12 months. My weight just seems to stay between 185 and 190lbs at 5'7" tall no matter WHAT I do. I went on a binge for a bit, ate like a 16 yr old kid and still DID NOT gain a pound, to be totally honest I had more energy and could finish workouts easier. Now I used to walk around always around 165-170, since high school really (34 now) then in 2008 I had a pretty bad injury racing motocross and sat on the couch for about 6 months and did nothing. That is when I put on the extra 20lbs and HAVE NOT been able to shake it !! I still race and feel pretty fit, I just am tired of carrying around this extra weight.

    I normally Have a protein shake for breakfast mixed with orange juice and maybe a banana, for lunch I normally have a can or 2 of tuna, or a grilled piece of chicken, maybe some salmon. Dinner is normally fish or chicken and some Steamed Veggies. For snacks I eat raisins, a low fat yogurt, apple, banana or some grapes. occasionally I will have a sunny side up egg with wheat toast. No cookies, no fast food, no cheeseburgers...again I stay between 185 and 190, only thing different is when I eat less or watch every bite I tend to have a bit less energy. I have been on this for about 4-5 months now, cheat here and there but nothing insane.

    The past year or so I exercise regularly, I have tried exercising in the morning before any food is in my system, at night before bed, 3-4 shorter hard sessions, hour long sessions in "the fat burning zone", weight training, hour long runs. I just dont seem to be able to kick off this weight !!! I have read about Clen as well as Albuterol and am considering trying a cyle or two .... ANY HELP or opinions would be appreciated


  2. Count caloric intake

    Figure out BMR

    Eat fewer calories than BMR

  3. Alpha lipoic acid with all meals
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