why is soluble fiber important when cutting?

  1. why is soluble fiber important when cutting?

    aside from the fact that it helps u feel full and saitated (i can do the same thing with will power) why is soluble fiber so important? insoluble helps speed up the passing of food through the digestive system, while soluble does the opposite, and slows down the absorption of nutrients and slows digestion. when i am cutting i want things going in and coming back out as quickly as possible so that i can tap into fat stores for energy as much as possible. Im sure there is a great scientific reason, its just lost on me at the moment, can anyone shed some light on this for me?

  2. I would say it would be important all the time for good health and good cholesterol levels.
    For cutting, most go super low carb, which means most of the bodys energy comes from fat and protien sources: This increases overall cholesterol intake, Soluble fiber lowers bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol.
    As far as soluble fiber helping to lose weight: No connection that I know of.
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    Im not to fond of taking serm's for long periods of time....

  3. The one major thing I'd like to add into the idea of what Timmmah said about the fact that protein and fat will increase your overall cholesterol intake is that your body regardless of intake will make a baseline level of cholesterol. The more you take in through the diet, the less your body will need to produce on its own, but it will still keep a minimal baseline level created endogenously.

    With that being said, soluble fiber isn't as important for cutting per say, but rather for overall health. We need both soluble and insoluble fiber to keep things moving along. The more fiber you take, the more you'll end up pooping and clearing out more of the cholesterol (chylomocrons, hdl, ldl, vldl) and it will lower your overall serum cholesterol levels.

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