All the fat in one place

  1. All the fat in one place

    I was looking at myself in the mirror today and i realized that all of my fat is in my love handle/lower back area. I have decent definition in my arms, my upper abs are visible, i can see veins in my shoulders and pecs yet i still think i look very fat. Granted im not super lean im around 20% bf but its getting to me bad haha even when i diet it seems like the fat from this area doesnt go anywhere in fact it looks larger haha i know that the lower back/love handle area will be the last place to loose fat but for christ sake maybe something could happen just so i know the diet is working. But anyway is there a effective way to lean up this area. i know spot reduction is not possible and im not looking for a miracle or anything just some tips or pointers so i can solve this before my next cycle. thanks.

  2. a good anti cortisol product imo, i used Lean Xtreme and it worked wonders on my love handles

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