Should i cut already? +pic

  1. Should i cut already? +pic

    First of all: i personally donīt think i am THAT fat, but my parents/friends/girlfriend are pissing me off talking about how fat i am/round face/bloated arms/no-pack abs
    i donīt trust my self-image because i think i am always small (but fat at belly lol)

    So my stats:
    84kg (~184,8lb)
    BF: 13,9% (October, i canīt say about right now)
    1.83m (~6 feet)
    Training: 3 years (first year was horrible = no diet, training wrong. So i guess 2 years)

    I serioulsy think i should keep bulking until almost 200lb, i see myself small (even with my weight and height, i am damm small)

    Pic (all relaxed):


    Sorry the bad quality and light....and link without url (i donīt have more than 50 posts)

  2. Keep going man, keep pushing yourself. If I was you, I wouldn't worry so much about how I look and whether I should be cutting - just go push some weight, get stronger and build some more muscle and the rest will take care of itself.

    Eat the same you are now but in the hours after your workouts eat as much as you can.

  3. Thanks! I really donīt think i am big or fat (maybe only my belly and bit bloated from creatine) but nothing serious. But i started to doubt myself of how i really look since many ppl said to me that i am getting fatter and i see myself as small.
    (ok, the bad light + paper white skin of my pics doensīt help to see any muscle curve too)

    The last months i was able to gain some weigh, like 1~2lb per month so i guess it is going fine, i am even getting stretch marks (...not that it is something good lol)

  4. ummmmmmmm......apparently the ppl closest to you are a bit delusional offense but thats crazy. thats a good way to encourage a freakin eating disorder right there. gooooooodlord man....just keep doin wat your doin

  5. Quote Originally Posted by nateparker584 View Post
    ummmmmmmm......apparently the ppl closest to you are a bit delusional offense but thats crazy. thats a good way to encourage a freakin eating disorder right there. gooooooodlord man....just keep doin wat your doin
    I am starting to think that as well. I guess they want a "fitness" shape and not a big shape.

    I MAY start to do some cardio but i guess iīll not cut my calories

  6. I was once in the same position as you. What I did to help me through situations like this was to cut a little, not like cut to attain a certain shape. Just cut to give a different perspective to myself and others around me, and just seeing the difference in how I looked say loosing 5 lbs through heavier cardio and diet, it gave me motivation to keep pouring on the cals since I had a glimpse into what I could look like fully shredded. I eventually did cut and maintain lean and strong at the same time, but it never would have happened if actually cut earlier in my life. I guess i used the cuts as motivation to continue progressing the building blocks to the physique I wanted and the one I now have .

  7. At your size (which as has been said - you are certainly not fat at all) I wouldn't do any steady state cardio at all. Try sprints, interval training, agility drills instead. Keep bulking up man!

  8. pics requested !
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  9. Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    pics requested !
    the links are there, i canīt post them directly because i have low post count

    and thanks guys, i am wondering if i just try to survive 1 week with lower calories (this makes me angry as hell), or everything goes bad, i keep bulking and add some cardio

  10. They don't know what they're talking about. Most people don't "get" the whole bulk/cut concept. To be completely honest, if you cut now, what exactly will you be trying to expose? I was cutting for a while, before I realized that once I got rid of all that fat, I wasn't going to be happy with how much muscle was underneath. You haven't even come close to your potential. You need to eat, lift hard as hell, and get your sleep.

    Remember this; people don't like change. You're trying to change, and people get unconfortable when other people change. As for your loved ones, almost everyone here can give you stories about loved ones who just didn't get what we are trying to do.

    I'm 6' also, currently weighing in at 215 lbs. If I weren't planning to go into military service, I'd be comtinuing my bulk until I had 220-225 solid lbs. If you really want to get big and ripped, you have to get big first, and you ain't there.

  11. Def continue the bulk. The belly and face roundness that people are commenting on is probably the water retention from the creatine. You can always drop the creatine for a week or so and if the bloatedness disappears then you know it is the creatine and not fat and then decide whether to start the creatine once again or not.

    From the pics I would say you are 13-14% so not fat by any means. Continue the bulk and pack on some muscle on your shoulders, arms and chest and even with a bit of a belly you will look slimmer.

  12. I can sort of understand your family's view, if you used to be a bit more defined. It's really up to you though, but understand that a bulk that takes 4 months and adds 6lbs of fat costs you 2 months after to get rid of, and also takes some of the muscle with it

  13. lol
    i had the same problem with family and friends
    i was at 230 and looked like a beast with my shirt on, they would stare at me during workouts, and then i would go see my momma and she would say "estas gordo" which means "your fat"

    so i cut to about 210 and now i look "normal" which kinda sucks dude just keep doing your thang, remeber its your body, your goal, and your decision.
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  14. continue the bulk, but make sure all the weight you're gaining isn't just fat. It's 15 pounds to your goal, which is a lot. I personally set a weight for myself before I start dialing into something, like now I'm gunning for 200 also but I don't gain too much fat and it will take probably over a year or two. Don't just get to 200 to get to 200. then you might be fat, lol. If you get there in months as opposed to a whole season it's probably not muscle

  15. Thanks a lot guys!
    I was skinny as hell when i started (147lb), i guess it was "normal" for them and now thati got some weight they started to piss me off.

    Iīll continue to bulk


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