PH strategy

  1. PH strategy

    I plan on starting a ph in about a month and I want the gains to be dry and lean. I realize the diet has to be strict and I got that covered. But I have training technique questions. Should I include cardio or will that limit my muscle gains? I usually stick to 4-6 rep sets, 8 max, should that stay the same or should I change it. Right now by bodyfat is not where I want it to be and would love to cut it down. ANY tips and tricks in regrades to training would be greatly appreciated. Even diet advice. Im all ears. Thanks for the help guys

  2. I've heard that it's a bad idea to have a lot, if any, cardio during a cycle when anabolics are involved. Reason being that the heart is also a muscle, and muscles grow much much faster while on anabolics, be it PH or AAS. Cardio works out the heart muscle.

    You can research carb cycling and give that a try while on-cycle. However, you would need to adjust the intake for the cycle, since most articles are written for natty gains, and being on cycle, you would need much more calories, although not necessarily in the same proportions.

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