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    What do you guys eat post-cardio? I eat every 3 hours, and don't combine carbs and fats. So if I do cardio 2 hours after eating protein and fat for 40-60 min., it would be right at 3 hours when I would normally eat again anyway. So should I eat carbs and protein to fend off catabolism and restock glycogen, or fat and protein to stay depleted and burn more fat? This whole cardio thing is new to me .

    Mind you in my case I'm on a hefty amount of androgens, also clen and Tri-Max for 2 more weeks.

  2. Bobo went over this in another thread and said that taking fats after any workout is a bad idea b/c your body is already converting and using fat for energy so adding more would just cause increased fat storage. I'll try to find the thread b/c my explenation isn't very good, but i do know for sure that he said to avoid fats after workouts.

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