Can I take Clen and/or T3 Between cycles?

  1. Can I take Clen and/or T3 Between cycles?

    Is it alright to run a cycle of H-drol, do PCT, wait 2-4 weeks, run a clen+T3 cut for ~6 weeks to trim up a little then wait 2-4 weeks and bulk with another PH?

    Another way of asking, are clen and /or T3 something that would **** with hormonal recovery from PH or AAS?

  2. I never had a problem. Taken both of them. Problem I see is taking that combo is your hunger will probably be out of control, but that might not be such a bad thing as it might help you keep your gains. Albeit will slow your cut, but hey, slowing the cut to maintain the hard earned muscle is a far trade off in my book

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