Proper setup for fatloss?

  1. Proper setup for fatloss?

    Weight 185 lbs
    Height 5 feet 9 inches
    Bodyfat 22%
    Age 18 years

    4 Eggs
    2 Slice Bread
    1lb Chicken
    3 TBLSP Olive oil
    2 oz Almonds
    2 TBLSP Peanut Butter

    1750 Calories, 115g Fat, 140g Protein, 47g Carbs.

    Over the last 3 or 4 weeks I've followed a 40/30/30 diet and had no results:
    I was on 1800-2100 calories, eating:
    4 Eggs
    1 lb Chicken
    2-4 Scoops Whey
    2 Slices Bread
    1/2 Cup Rice
    3tblsp olive oil

    My macros looked like this 180-230g protein, 100g carbs, 50-60g fat. I had no fat loss.

    I met a gymnast at my gym who says I'm eating way too much protein, not enough fat, and he said in general America needs way less carbs than it thinks. He also told me to try fasting.

    My workout and cardio routine is as follows:
    3x a week Upperbody workouts
    3x a week HIIT 20 minutes
    3x a week 15 minute cardio warmup before lifting.

  2. What's your exact meal breakdown, like times and such.
    Bench - 355
    Squat - 405
    Deadlift - 600

  3. I would go 40 carbs/40 prot/20 fat, work legs/back, deadlift, squat, and increase your intensity. Hard work is the way to your goal.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bkoguy07 View Post
    What's your exact meal breakdown, like times and such.
    Breakfast 7 AM or 9 AM depending on day
    4 Eggs
    2 Slices Bread
    1 TBSP Olive Oil

    Preworkout 4-5-6 PM
    8 oz Chicken
    1 TBSP Olive Oil
    Some mixed veggies (onions/lettuce)

    Post Workout 7-8 PM
    8 oz Chicken
    1 TBSP Olive Oil
    more veggies
    2 TBSP Peanut Butter
    2 oz Almonds

  5. Your calories are too low. Your body is in starvation mode. Try getting 2500 Kcal and like Carcaya stated, break it down into 40/40/20 over 5-6 meals. Hope this helps.



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