Best Cardio Machine

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  1. We have those in our strength and conditioning varsity weight room. Very good piece of equipment.

    I've never seen one in a gym however

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    Best practical, and prevalent, indoor cardio machine IMO would be an Airdyne. Simple, easy, and common in most gyms.

  2. I prefer high incline treadmill, stair machine, or a pool. I also like to vary my forms of cardio. Once it warms up, HIIT outside.

  3. I prefer to do my cardio with a jumprope. It's a killer workout.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Best modality, IMO, is going to a track and doing 100M sprints 10-14x.
    I like 40's

    Sprints, prowler, a hill, bear crawls

  5. your legs....pick your poisen

  6. second the jump rope

  7. Stairmaster is excellent.

    I love the elliptical too but only at highest intensity, like others said, it's a waste of time at low resistance levels.

  8. If you can find one, the versaclimber is killer!


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