Trying to help a friend lose weight

  1. Trying to help a friend lose weight

    A buddy of mine has decided to make huge changes in his body. He has always been the fat kid and finally (21 years old) decided that he was tired of being fat and wanted to get healthy.

    He started his goal to get healthy this summer @ about 5'7 280 lbs and over the past 4 months is now @ 5'7 227 lbs!!! So far he has done a great job, losing 53 pounds in such a short amount of time.

    Seeing him progress so well, myself, along with a few other friends, have decided to help him lose more weight, because he has begun to plateau. I have always been one of the skinnier kids (6'0 165 lbs) and I don't really understand the keys to losing weight. I have put on over 25 lbs of lean muscle in college, so I feel that I have the workout aspect somewhat under control.

    Now, I have come to you for your help and knowledge... Here are our obstacles...

    -He is trying to get under 210 pounds by the end of January (lose about 20 lbs 3 months)
    -Against buying any type of supplements
    -Knees hurt when he runs more than a mile

    I want to put him on a good diet, proper cardio and weight lifting, and put him on a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement for his joints.

    All help is appreciated! Let's get this kid fit!


    (If he will let me, I would love to post his pictures. Pretty insane.)

  2. I will try and get more info from him. We are going to have a sit down meeting in the next couple days and I will try and piece together some type of regimen.

  3. If he's 5'7 and 220+ and already plateauing, combined with the rapid weight loss, I'm going to guess that he has been either working out too much, eating too little, or some combination of the two. That sounds like starvation weight loss. He shouldn't be losing more than 2-3lbs a week if he wants to do it in a healthy and sustainable way. Get a sample diet of his and what he's doing for a workout on a weekly basis.

    Also, for someone his size, I don't think HIIT is necessary for cardio.

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