stagnent weight loss

  1. stagnent weight loss

    so i have been eating right since about the beginning of summer lost some 5'7 around 160..been lifting since hs im 22 now...workout looks like this" Chest/Tris...Back/bis...legs...shoulders traps...used to throw in steady state cardio but stopped around mid summer...what i eat which i know is most important looks like this: wake up egg whites w american cheese and some slices of ham...3hrs later either fruit or mixed nuts...lunch tuna w a little miracle whip or turkey sandwich (wheat bread) or plain chicken with some type of veggie usually peas...pre workout some fruit and maybe a couple slices of deli workout 2 scoops optimum whey w milk...dinner is out of my control unfortunately sill live at home..usually pretty good thou (chicken or meat) might have fruit/nuts sometime after dinner...then before i go to bed ill have about 3 or 4 slices of deli turkey/ basically what i need help with is i just cant seem to loose the remaining fat around my stomach that is left remaining...its like it wants to stick around for some reason.... i workout hard and i think i eat pretty well...any suggestions? questions? id appreciate it

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    You said you cut out cardio mid summer? I'd look at that as option number one. Throw in some more cardio until you see the results you want (just a couple days at first if you want, then keep adding in more sessions).
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  3. the reason why i stopped was because i didnt see any results from it and i continued to drop some weight after i stopped...what i was thinking was maybe throw in some interval training on off days to see if that works better than steady state...thanks for the response im guessing you didnt see anything wrong with what im eating...i know from tons of research and just common sense that nutrition is more important than what my training looks like

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