Opinions on my weight loss program

  1. Opinions on my weight loss program

    After abit of research I have decided to enter my first post.

    I am 178cm weighing 95kg. My target weight is 80-83kg.
    After months of taking thermogenic products without not much diet change i have decided that a big change is on the cards to achieve my desired results.

    My diet now consists of minimal carbs, with either oats or low fat yoghurt for breakfast, salad with tuna or low fat chicken for lunch and lean meat or chicken for dinner. I train 6 days a week, either all being weight training or 5 days with a few hours of tennis a week.

    I am about to receive an order of Need2slin for the first time and after some research would like your opinions on stacking it with clenbuterol.

    I aim to take 3 dosages of Need2slin per day. 1 upon waking, 1 before lunch and 1 before bed. Then with the clenbuterol, use it on a 3 week cycle. Starting at 20mcg per day for 2 days, then upping to 40mcg for 2 days, 60 for 2, 80 for 3 and 100 for 3days, then tappering off in the same way until the end of the course. I will then take a week off where i will be taking a dose of benadryl before bed for one week and resume the course for another 3 weeks.

    Does this sound effective? If not are there any changes I can make and/or are their any other cycles use could recommend to help me achieve my goals?

    Thanks for reading

  2. not to sure on clens but from what i can remember you do 2 weeks on 2 weeks off and no need to taper down....and just up your doseage everyday until you reach your desired level...20 1 day 40 1 day 60 1 day 80 1 day 100 1 day 120 1 day 140 1 day(ah to crazy) ok back to 120 there you go continue at 120....and i think you can just start off around 120 when you restart the cycle? i dunno get more advice on that!

  3. no need to taper down the clen, and depending on how you feel you can ramp up faster than that. Also, get taurine, or you will get cramps worse than those you have ever felt.

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