Hey everyone, I currently weigh around 175 morning weight. I'm guessing around 15~16% bf. I've been bulking for the past few months with success. I've put on about 20~25 pounds, but with more bf than I wanted to put on. My strength has went up so much so I know I've put on a lot of muscle. My bulking diet was 240 g of protein. 300 g of carbs, and 85 g of good fats everyday. I wasn't always perfect with the diet. And sometimes didn't get the right amounts but usually I was pretty good most of the time.

Now what I need help on is if this is a good cut diet. I want to get down to about 165. Keeping most of the muscle I've put on. Oh and I want to try and accomplish this in a month.

200 g of protein a day.

190 g of carbs a day.

75 g of good fats a day.

Which equals to 2235 calories a day. My BMR is 2865 calories a day. Which is a 630 calorie deficit a day. Ill be doing morning cardio on a empty stomach on Monday Wednesday and Friday. 30 mins at 3.7 mph and at a incline. Also weight lifting five times a week. Chest/tris/calves mon. Back/bis/forearms tues. Shoulders wed. Legs/calves thu. Bis/tris fri. Abs Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I take Saturday and Sunday off for rest days. I hit arms again because I feel I can isolate them to get a full workout to get full stimulation. And I will also be taking Oxyelite Pro at its recommended dosage. There will be six meals a day.