Phentermine & T3 (Yay or Nay?)

  1. Phentermine & T3 (Yay or Nay?)

    Does anybody think this is a good combo or a stupid idea? Every where i look up phentermine it specifically states not to add any other stimulants such as T3. Is this because theres some kind of fatal effect between the two, or just because the doctors are just jeleous we'll lose too much weight?

    I think these two will make a great combo because while T3 raises your RMR, Phentermine helps keep your cravings in check and your caloric intake to a minimum which in return puts that extra RMR to work. what do you guys think? Is there any real reason of great danger as to why this combo would be a bad idea?

  2. Found this site that seems to give off some info about the two being used together, but seems like the only interaction side effects are the same as T3 used alone..

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