Lean EFX, Lean Xtreme, and erase

  1. Lean EFX, Lean Xtreme, and erase

    Ok, so i have my diet all planned out and i have my workout ready, but now it is time for the supplementation. I just purchased the LEAN EFX and LEAN XTREME stack. Also, i ran out of jack3d so i purchased the jack3d that came with ERASE. I was just wondering, Should LEAN EFX LEAN XTREME and ERASE all be taken together? Basically i just bought the erase because it came with my jack3d, but i didnt know if it would be advantagous or not to take it with the others considering it is a cortisol blocker and so does lean xtreme. What do yall think?

  2. I had a look at both Lean Extreme & Erase, you are right to say they are both cortisol blockers. They do work in different ways though. Maybe take care with running Xtreme & Efx together. Efx can be enough by itelf, depends on your tolerance to stims i suppose. I would experiment with combos of the three. Good luck

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