Work, Work, Work, Now Advice

  1. Work, Work, Work, Now Advice

    ok long story short, Im 5'4...I started at 170...Started boxing as a hobby and lost quite a bit of weight from great cardio, weight training, and diet...I have 3 weeks until I start training and must be 125lbs to compete in a competition...

    im currently 128...I know i can easily achieve the 3lb weight loss but lately my body has felt fatigued at the gym and im having trouble getting anything done...Take a look at my diet and see what you guys think

    meal 1: 4-6 Egg whites, 1 piece of fruit or 2 slices of whole wheat toast

    meal 2: usually post workout so its a protein shake, handfull of nuts

    meal 3: Natural PB Sandwhich (piece of fruit/nuts) whichever I didnt have before

    meal 4: at work so its a meal replacement low cal such as myoplex lite..

    meal 5: 2 4oz chicken breast grilled, veggie such as half cup of corn or something of that nature

    thats my usual diet...what do you guys think I should change? I have 3 weeks so im looking for great advice..also what do you think my cardio and training split should look like the next 3 weeks?

    I really appreciate any help you guys provide...thank you

  2. also do you guys think i should add casein before bed? or will that affect the 3lbs i need to lose

  3. How's your sleep?

  4. Sleep has been generally fine, 8 hrs is my general habits..My workouts are usually 3 day split 20 mins cardio on workout days after lifting...40 mins of cardio n abs on 3 seperate days..any advice would be greatly appreciated...

  5. What i found recently was a dramatic change in my training was the key. Try this and see what you think
    Functional warm up 5-7min

    Barbell Squat warm up then 2x6
    Incline Barbell Press warm up then 2x6
    Weighted pull ups warm up then 2x6
    Deadlifts warm up then 2x6
    Weighted dips warm up the 2x6
    Bent Barbell Row warm up then 2x6
    15min High Intensity Cardio to finish (treadmill 30sec sprint, 1min walk/jog)

    Try to cut rest between sets to as little as possible, as you can see a few exercises are multi joint and compound. Make the weights heavy enough that you work hard but so you can complete sets quickly. This will burn more while maintaining mass. Let me know what you think??

  6. Ive never tried a full body routine i was partially worried I wouldnt make weight but i know the routine has nothing to do with it as long as im doing cardio..So you would do this 3 days a week? Hows my diet look to you

  7. I'd do it a least 3-4 times a week with one day of just HIT cardio making 5 times a week. The diet is fine i would find it hard to suggest a change at this point. I think your body at this point need to be shocked into a change. let me know what you think?? cheers


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