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  1. keto Tip - Sick of plain chicken?

    Here is a little tip I've tried with decent success:

    Tip 1: If you are sick of plain chicken... Take an egg and a splash of heavy whipping cream or a tiny bit of milk and mix it up.  Dip your chicken in on both sides and make sure its nice and covered.  Next, "bread" it with parmigian cheese (the powder kind).  Fry it in your oil of choice and there you have it, "breaded" chicken!  This works very well actually.  I like to then dip the chicken in a ranch dressing.  It works suprisingly well!  The texture is the same as normal breaded lacks a little taste, but is better than plain old chicken!

    Tip 2:  Follow the same procedure as before but use crushed up pork rinds as your breading.  Note:  These don't fry very well, but bake pretty decent.  I prefer the parmigian cheese method personally.



  2. Holy ****, Keto is seemingly taking over the nutrition section.....

  3. Gotta suport my keto brothers one way or another!



  4. Keto EVERYTHING [Recipes]

    This site is a favorite of mine come cutting many recipes...

  5. Good idea whoever combined my thread with the chicken one....

  6. why won't my head stop turning to the left...
  7. Keto Crazyness!

    I found this Keto Ketchup.

    Also Keto Butter? Butta!

  8. Oh god, haha....

    But Dez, we're trying to lump all the keto goods and recipes together so they're all rightthere and easy to find....

  9. YJ is in nutritional hell right now......
    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  10. ohh ok thanks YJ didn't know

  11. keto butter??? thats the stupidiest thing I've heard of... hahaha, what are they going to do....remove the fat from the already, 0 carbohydrate product....


    Introducing... AIR!!! Its free and has no calories!!


  12. Best way to survive and thrive on Keto....

    Sugar free jello. Pudding won't work carbs in it.

    Also, diet sugar free iced tea.

    And a whole ****load of beef jerky

  13. Originally posted by Dynomyte001

    And a whole ****load of beef jerky


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