Carb Loading

  1. Carb Loading

    I have heard so many people talking about Carb Loading lately, and I have heard about 10000 different responses.

    Can anyone explain to me who would use this? I understand it's used to build up energy stores, which to me always sounded like endurance athletes.

    But some people have told me that it's good for weight lifting on off days as well, or to do it on your workout days, or they day before a workout.

    I even get ranges on the amount of carbs, from 50grams to 100+

    Any help?

  2. Well, there are a bunch of reasons why its confusing. For starters, you have to separate carb loading while on a "regular" diet, vs carb loading on a ketosis diet. For endurance sports on a regular diet, its used to give lots of energy for the event. So marathon runners might consume as much as 300-400g of carbohydrates over the hours before an event. In a cyclic ketosis diet, effectively you do a carb load over one day a week usually, and are basically carb free otherwise.

    You put this in the weight loss section, so i'm assuming you wonder at its use in weight loss. the answer to that is there really isn't one.

  3. That's what I was looking for. Thanks man.

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