not eating carbs and fat at the same time

  1. not eating carbs and fat at the same time

    When they say never eat carbs and fat at the same time how many grams fat or carbs would be okay? Say I ate a chicken breast and rice with about 10grams of fat should I worry about the 10g of fat? Or if i ate like 20g of fat how many carbs would I keep it under 15 or less?


  2. I wouldn't worry too much on not eating carbs with fats, but rather high GI carbs with unhealthy fats. There is nothing wrong with:

    * Chicken breast with basmati rice and olive oil

    However, downing a Big Mac is ridiculous as you're incorporating white bread (enriched with high fructose corn syrup) and a high saturated [fat] burger with sauce

    As long as you eat properly, you're fine. The only time I wouldn't recommend incorporating fats with carbs is prior to and post-workout



    some good diet resources, he talks about not eating fat and carbs

  4. I have been following this diet for just a few days and already i'm a believer. I was just wondering how strict the rules were on this.


  5. I always take my fish oil before bed w/ a protein shake. But I only take 5 caps (5 grams). Would it be OK to take them throughout the day even with carbs and 5 at night so I could get more in?



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