Calorie Cycling

  1. Calorie Cycling

    I'm considering starting a calorie cycled diet. I need to stick with this diet for a long time, probably 5+ months. I'd like to get lean and stay lean. I plan on eating 1500 cals per day Monday-Friday (about a 1000 calorie deficit per day), and then taking the weekend off and eating what I want, with moderation obviously. What are the pros and cons of this approach?

  2. That wouldn't be what i'd call calorie cycling. Generally you have more day to day variance rather than 5 days in a row at low calories, and you try and stick high calories around your heavy workout days rather than off days.

  3. I'm really just concerned about the pros /cons of going that low on calories. Obviously on a steady deficit I wouldn't ever need to drop calories that low, but I find it hard to stay on a deficit for several months.

  4. Also wondering if anyone has had success switching from bulking to cutting on a regular basis? Say week of bulking / week of cutting for maintenance. Maybe week bulking / two weeks cutting for fat loss while keeping and maybe gaining a bit of strength?

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