Droppin this extra weight!!

  1. Droppin this extra weight!!

    Hows it going...I'm 6'2" about 220 lbs i have been lifting seriously for about 5 or 6 years and I love it. I am at about 16 percent bf(guess) i will try and post pics soon. I am going to try and lose about 20 pounds and get as lean as possible before i start my first ph cycle ever(beastdrol most likely) I figured Id keep a log of how things are going and my progress to keep me motivated. I will weigh in every saturday and post it along with my workouts and diet. Once the cut is done ill log my cycle the same way. tune in!!!

  2. Very nice. I would certainly get the BF down before taking something that causes estrogen to be raised. And take something to control your estrogen to decrease your possibility to store more fat.
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  3. As my opinion you must be take diet food and do yoga regularly this is really best for your body, You can also go for walking at morning this is best to burn fat and also it will give you refreshment.

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