question about sodium content in foods

  1. question about sodium content in foods

    ok I have a question, maybe its stupid but oh well.


    Say you have canned anything.. canned tuna..canned my case my question came when i looked at canned clams.


    Now the clams are packed in water, and the can said 350mg sodium per serving and there were 3.5 servings per can. 


    Do they count the liquid when talking about the sodium or just the actual "meat" in the can.  I mean that would be crazy sodium for a can of minced clams.





  2. consider you dont lose any while draining out the water, the sodium contained within the actual food is what is labeld on the can itself. Dont worry, i wondered a similar thing (but my question was the protein.... a while back). ANy nutrition/vitamins/profile lost while draining is minimal. Sage

  3. its pretty amazing then, how a tiny ass can of minced clams could have so much sodium...





  4. Epson salt is used in the canning process to "preserve" the taste of the most all canned foods are moderate to high in sodium

  5. Unless you have blood pressure issues or are a few days out of a contest, you shouldn't be worrying about sodium consumption much.

    Athletes need sodium and electrolytes - esp. with the daily amount of water ingested and sweating.

    Retaining water is anabolic too.

    I personnally even throw in about 500mg+ of salt in my post-WO meal/shake.



  6. What about spam?

    Well it is all meat kinda and it has tons of sodium and they have spam light also which i am assuming has lots less fats. so the salt wont hurt when bulking?>

    thanks peace.

  7. Do not buy processed deli meats and other "Spam" stuff - whatever it is... They are junk.

    Instead eat fresh meat - turkey/chicken breasts, beef, fish, tuna, etc.

    For seasonings, use herbs, mustard, lime etc. Stay away from processed crap.

    Oh, and sodium is fine - bulking or cutting.


  8. You can always pull the meat from the can (that doesn't sound quite right, does it?) and rinse it in a strainer. Granted, the meat absorbs quite a bit of the sodium, but you can nonetheless reduce it a bit by rinsing.

  9. Originally posted by 2demon2
    You can always pull the meat from the can (that doesn't sound quite right, does it?)
    I love it. LOL . meat is meat, pork is pork, spam is well , spam; but it is still meat right?



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