Chinese food info??

  1. Chinese food info??

    ANyone have a link to find some chinese food nutritional info? I was thinking about getting some steamed chicken and brocolli with garlic sauce on the side, but have no idea what the sauce holds...

  2. Good question...

    Of course you really need to know what that stuff they call chicken really is!!

  3. but have no idea what the sauce holds...
    MSG would be my

  4. Hmmm, to be safe I'd only eat chinese on your cheat day.

    BTW- beware of MSG! I ate at a $5 chinese buffet once and broke out with an itchy rash all on my chest and arms. I got corticose steroid shots and pills to get rid of it, but it still sucked.

  5. i get asthma like symptoms from MSG & after doing some research i was amazed how widespread the use of MSG was.

    there must be other alternatives for you!!


  6. I avoid anything with sauces for the same reason, so I get the (some kind of meat) fried rice. Not sure if that's any better...


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