CKD carb up?

  1. CKD carb up?

    I am running CKD currently, had good success with it last year. I am wondering for carb up, is it ok to take in a large quantity of carbs in liquid? Last year, I pretty much always kept them as solid food, and felt like crap at the end of the day. I had trouble getting past 500-600 carbs for my refeed. I still had good success but am wanting to try more liquid carbs to try and keep bloated feeling down.


  2. In the past I just did refeeds on saturday. Then sunday back to no carbs.
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    So the method you're running is an "all-day" once a week carb-refeed, right? If it's an all day thing, I would think having some liquid/powder forms wouldn't be terrible, though not optimal. When I've ran keto, I've gone with mini re-feeds (~175g carbs) 2 nights a week, and in that case it's easier to get the whole foods down and would be less of a need for anything other than whole food contributing.

  4. Any other opinions? Need to go shopping tonight to get my carbs for tomorrow?



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