E.C.A... Bronkaid?....CUSTOMS!!!!!

  1. E.C.A... Bronkaid?....CUSTOMS!!!!!

    I started my weight loss journey in Dec 09, and managed to drop about 20lbs from then till now, i did it all naturally with a good diet and 1 hour of cardio a day, sometimes 2, so it took long as heck plus school and stuff.
    Anyways, i sometimes browse by Anabolic Minds to read all the posts you guys make about pre workout supplements been lurking here prolly for a few months now, i didnt join since what i already wanted to know, was already discussed , so i didn't need to join.
    I recently picked up OEP and have been doing cardio with that for about a month and well......it's not bad....LOL
    But i've seen you guys talking about ECA on here and on BB.com?
    Aright well see, i live in australia atm, and prolly will be here for a while.
    They dont sell bronkaid here tho, what i was thinking was, if i asked my fam in TX to get me Bronkaid and then ship it to me here?
    Will that work ? I mean will it make it past customs, since it has Ephedrine in it ? or will customs just let it go, since it's an Asthma reliever?
    Since i have about 10-15lbs of fat left to go to be at my ideal weight, and damn ive been fat for so long, i just wanna get this over with, so i'd love to get an ECA stack and lose this fat, since i have a school break coming up in Sept which is for 2 weeks in which i won't be doin nun in it, so i plan on running on my treadmill twice a day, and just lose this last amount of fat left with an ECA stack and a good diet. (I'm currently doing Shaun T'S insanity workout, but im gunna buy a treadmill 2moro)
    So what do u guys think can Bronkaid make it past customs?
    So if anyone can help me out thnx, nd if u need 2 kno more info then let me know.

    Thnx 4 ur time!

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    I would check on the actual rules for customs for your country. The biggest thing I'd be concerned about is the amount that you'd attempt to have shipped. If there's a lot of it, it would throw up some flags. I know here in the states you can only order 3 of the large boxes at one time from most places and there's a cap on it per every 6 (I think) months.

    (I'm not at all familiar with the regulations for your country, so that would be the ideal place to start.)
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  3. I'm not from australia, just living here .
    I just did some more searching and found a guy on bb.com ordered 6x of the 60 Cap bronkaids and it got through customs. THE HECK !!!!
    Heh well thats freaken good, ECA stack it is then, i'm gunna go take a look at some other threads now on this site 4 some more info. on stacking the Ephedrine.

    Thnx 4 ur time since u replied.

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