Its about that time again..

  1. Its about that time again..

    Ok, so alittle background on my dilemma. Over the course of 2-3 years I dropped 90 pounds by use of two different diets and workout regimens.

    The first diet was watching calories, cycling 2 weeks of around 1000-1500 and then 2 weeks of 2000 for a while. I dropped a good amount of weight using this method. The second was watching carbs and doing a modifed keto diet. Also I ran a straight keto diet for 9 days and came down with something that made me sick that halted the diet. Im not gonna lie..I felt like hell on keto but saw great results.

    The question now is ive got to cut back down and want to know your opinion on which one to do again mostly because counting calories will lead to weight loss as your body has to adapt to the cut but on the other hand keto will restrict your body from those carbs that put on the fat in the first place and maybe I can finish out the diet without coming down with something.

    Also im come to the point where I feel like I wanna incorporate either the use of clen or t3 in to help out with the results but understand im not gonna be relying on these independently as a "get me where I wanna go quick" sorta thing and more as just an adding in as a helper. I want to only run one to see what the effects are (leaning more towards t3 because I heard the clen shakes at higher dosages are terrible)

    Any advice will be much appreciated guys! Thanks

  2. i vote for keto + clen.

    you will feel ****ty on keto cuz your body isnt made to run like that. I did but you eventaully get use to feeling ****ty.

    ya your hands will shake on clen, its not a big deal / wont affect your life other than texting.

    clen is where its at
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  3. How did you like clen and what where the end results for you? Have you ever ran t3 before Geek?

    As I said I wanted to run either or and the one thing thats has me questioning is the thyroid suppression of t3. Ive heard many different views on whether the suppression in the end will just subside and you bodys natural levels will come back to normal. Has anyone proved that?

  4. ran quite a bit of clen liek 4-5 cycles? idk good results didnt do calipers before or after but you can tell in the mirrior so easy. will use again and again, I highly reccomend it.

    have my friend on 2 cycles of it and he lost 26lbs.

    never ran t3, scared lol havent didnt much reserach bcuzI dont think Ill ever use it.
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  5. I vote for Clen as well. If u are worried about shakes, u could use albuterol. I've run both with good results.



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