Need input/advice cutting in Afghanistan

  1. Need input/advice cutting in Afghanistan

    1st off I was not sure if this was the correct place to put this thread but since it is ultimately about losing weight here it is.

    Some info about me and my dilemma :

    5 foot 9 current weight 206
    Last cutt ended at 173 lbs @ 10% hoping for 180ish this time.
    previous ph cycles: epistane 6 weeks, superdol 4 weeks.

    new cutt will end jan 1st 2011

    My biggest problem currently is

    Location : Small ass lil fob afghanistan

    Food : really bad dfac food for some one on a cutt.

    Gym : only cardio equip. is eliptical.

    So a normal days diet for me currently looks like :
    Breakfast- oatmeal-hard boiled eggs yoke removed- 2 slices of turkey deli meat if avail and a slice of american cheese if avail.

    lunch - turkey sandwich no condiments- soup if avail ( veg soup, chkn noodle etc )

    dinner - baked fish if avail-chkn breast if avail-steak if avail- sides, white rice, sweet potatoes, veggies.

    I knew I was headed here so I had my supp stash sent to me ( more on that later) so I fill in my nutrition gaps with M.Milk Light .

    I would really appreciate help on , Training, diet and Supps

    Current routine :

    Chest & tri / back & bi / shoulders / leggs one hour cardio 6 days a week

    only reason I have one day just for shoulders is that they are my weakest link.

    cardio is done in the pm. Like I mentioned b4 all I have here is an eliptical so I will warm up for about 5 mins on it then do a sort of h.i.t. routine. Example :
    all out max speed 30 secs then bring my heart rate back to aprox 130 and repeat. For about an hour 6 days a week.

    Now as I said I knew I was headed here and I will be here for aprox one and a half - two years. So I had all my stash sent to me, this includes :

    Vitamins :

    Vit C ( everyday )
    Vit E ( everyday )
    Garlic ( everyday )
    Vit D ( everyday )
    Calcium ( everyday )
    Magnesium ( everyday )
    Zinc ( everyday )
    Fish Oil ( everyday )

    Muscle Milk Light 4x a day.

    Regular creatine mono 1x a day

    Now as far as goodies I have for the next 2

    BY CEL :

    1 STOKED
    5 H-DROL
    6 X-TREN
    4 E-STANE
    1 P PLEX

    BY D.S.:




    BY USP

    2 PRIME
    2 PINK M
    1 JACK3D

    BY IBE


    BY RPN

    1 HAVOC

    Clomid & Nolva

    So with all that said , can you guys recomend a good stack for my cutt & also please give me some input or advice on my current work out routine.



  2. By recomend a stack , I am refering to from the list I have. Would really like some input on my current routine.

  3. Oh man, that's a serious afghan stash! Best to be prepared, lots of Vit. C for sure.

    It looks like most of your goodies are perfect for cutting. I don't know why that's your concern though. Eating food like that for 2 years, I'd imagine you'll be pretty lean by the time you get back, even without trying!

  4. lol ya would be in two years but would like to be done with my cutt by jan so I can bulk up again for another 6 months or so.
    ( dontya hate when all ur dang keys on d keyboard start 2 stick !!! need a new laPtop lol )

  5. Well first off I wish you and will pray for your safety, second myself who was in the Marine Corps can know the limitations of equipment as well as the food, hurry up and wait bull**** and constant boredom. You said you got an elliptical and that's it, you got sandbags around or heavy items that could replicate weights...start doing farmers walks, body squats, push ups and sprints if you have the're gonna have to improvise, be creative and keep it simple.
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  6. Self... I have no doubt in my mind you will cut. Don't put your supplements to use as a "cutting stack." You will waste much muscle if you gear your supplement use to a "cut."

    Gear your entire use of supplements to preserving muscle!

    You're goal is to preserve muscle at this point.

  7. Ya bro your right, for now im gonna keep pushn hard and maintain thru winter, thx for d advice guys


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