Losing weight FAST on my Stack

  1. Losing weight FAST on my Stack

    Hey guys,

    First want to say hello, I have been lurking your forum for about a week and love the useful information of this website. I was turned on to it from a friend.

    Ok so heres my deal, like everyone else Im running a Clen/T3 stack. Ive doubled on my protein, taking the Taurine pills for cramping,doubled up on my BCAAs and Glut. I cycle my Clen doses 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. T3 im on the whole time.

    Here is my big problem, might be a good one to have. Im dropping weight quickly and I can see both fat loss and muscle loss.

    Weight before stack:
    Weight after a week and a half
    185 and still dropping.
    ______________________________ ______________________________ _____
    Body Measurements
    Neck: 16
    Chest: 45.75
    Shoulders: 52
    Biceps: 15.25
    Upper Thigh:23.50
    Lower Thigh:21.00

    Neck: 15.75
    Chest: 44.50
    Shoulders: 52.00
    Forearm: 12
    Upper Thigh:22.75
    Lower Thigh: 20.50
    Calf:15.75 ______________________________ ______________________________ ____
    Body Fat 23.01 Body fat 20.26 Roughly 3% loss

    What I am worried about is I can see muscle loss as well.I knew this was one of the effects but I would like to try and keep as much muscle as I possibly can during this stack.
    I did some research awhile back on adding a bulker to help combat the muscle loss.
    In the past I have used nanodrol or a product called Primabol to increase my gains. But the problem was the local place I get it has not received an order for either one. So Im still waiting, other wise I would have been on one of these at the same time I started the cutting stack. So Im asking what would you guys suggest that has worked for you in the past? I figure since I have to shop around I might as well try something new.

    Thanks for all your help.

  2. You should add an anabolic. H Drol, Epi, etc. I`m starting a T3/Halovar cycle Sunday. 25/50/75/75/50/25 T3 combined with 75/75/75/75/75/75 of Haolvar. See my Prloading now....thread in Anabolics for some useful info.

  3. 13 pounds in a week nd a half.. nice!

  4. Yea its kind of scary, I cant believe Ive dropped that much already, which is why Im looking at adding an anabol to it. Im sweating like crazy so the thermogenic effect is there. I dropped my cardio (stairs) to 15 minutes. I might cut it out all together to see what happens and just run my strength training for an hour and a half.

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