2 wk clen t3 cutter help

  1. 2 wk clen t3 cutter help

    I'm currently running 750mg of test e per week and 30mg of epistane per day. I'm nearing the end of my lean bulker and was wondering if 2 weeks of clen/t3 would help shred me up for the beach.

    My diet is very strict, right now I'm at 500 over maint and holding even in the bf department. But I'd like to drop to 10% for labor day weekend. I was going to add the t3/clen around aug 14th and drop my cals to 500 under maint.

    Here's my stats and goal, let me know if it's realistic.

    Ht 5'10
    Wt 191
    Bf% 12.8-13.4 depending on time of day

    Bf: 10%

    Also for the cutting portion I was planning on going low carb, high fat high protien with refeeds once a week. Any help of suggestions greatly appreciated.

  2. Depends. I've seen some people get pretty diced off the clen/t3 combo and others not so much. Have you ever run clen or t3 before? What dosage are you planning on running them at?

    I'm not a clen fan, gives me the shakes, even if I dose it low....but to each their own.

  3. I've used clen and t3 before, but never together and never while on AAS. I was never impressed with them as standalone items, but have heard so many good reviews of them when stacked. Maybe I should just get some oxy pro elite instead?

    I was going to dose them as follows, bear in mind I will also have 750mg of test, and 30 mg of epistane running concurrently with these.

    Week 1
    100mg Clen/50mg t3
    100mg clen/50mg t3
    100mg clen/50mg t3
    100mg clen/50mg t3
    100mg clen/75mg t3
    100mg clen/75mg t3
    100mg clen 75mg t3

    Week 2
    100 mg clen/100mg t3
    100 mg clen 100mg t3
    100 mg clen/100mg t3
    100 mg clen/75mg t3
    100 mg clen/75mg t3
    100 mg clen/50mg t3
    100 mg clen 50mg t3

  4. That cycle dosage looks fine. Just fine tune it depending on how you feel. I've never gone above 100mcg. I usually build mine up slowly but do a 4 week cycle, with 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, then repeat. I actually did it without AAS to lose weight when I was extremely heavy and I didn't lose to much muscle mass, but I did get the shakes real bad by the 2nd week, not matter what dosage I used. I would honestly do the 2 weeks on two weeks off and ramp it up, then taper it down. So I can't attest to how well your 2 weeks will work. Maybe somebody else with more experience will chime in on this....

  5. Thanks for your help, I am going to stick with the 2 week thing, even though you are right about 4 weeks probably being better. My reasoning is just that I'd like to continue to add mass up until the last min, then try and just shed some extra bf. I don't feel in bad shape right now at all, I'd just like to bring out the definition. My thought is that the epistane is supposed to help lean you out slightly, so between everything I should be good.

  6. Good luck to you. Remember to drop down the Clen dosage if you get any of the sides and its gets to uncomfortable, they seem to be more pronounced when you stack it with T3. You might be able to get away with 80mcg. Eppy could help you lean out as long as your diet is in check like you stated previously.


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