ok so my body seems like its platuoing, i was 235, i dropped to 225 in a month, now my average walk around weight is between 223-226 everyday and my diet has only gotten stricker, my excercise only more vigerous

i go to the gym daily, i weight train and cardio excercise

my diets consists of chciken, fish, eggs, some beef, vegetables, everyone once in a while ill thro something not so healthy is, maybe once a week if that, slice of pizza but for the most part im extremely healthy, i dont drink juice either, just water, pure green tea, accasional orange juice, no milk

i recently tried clen, did a **** load, didnt lose a pound and i kno for a fact is good ****, i also did a full body cleanser that my buddy lost alot of wieght on and still nothin

im 21, 5'11'', 225ish pounds

someone please help