Cytomel - flat looking muscles

  1. Cytomel - flat looking muscles

    I have been on cytomel for the past 8 weeks.

    The dosages were as follows:
    25, 25, 50, 50, 75, 75, 75

    It wasnt until the last week that I am experiencing what looks like a massive decrease in size. What changed in my diet was I went from 30, 40, 30 (carbs, protein, fat) to 40, 30, 30.

    When I measure my arms I have only shrank a bit but I LOOK like I am a LOT smaller and my muscles look very flat.

    Did I lose any muscle? ANyone else have this experience?

  2. I am starting Cytomel in a week or so. So I am interested in any info. Some people recommend running an anabolic compound along with Cytomel to avoid losing muscle. How much fat have you lost?

  3. I went from a 39 inch waist to a 34.5 inch waist in those weeks.

  4. Very impressive. Maybe its time to cycle off the T3 and add some lean mass before embarking on another cycle. T3 is very catabolic, so after 8 weeks of use I'm surprised you've lost muscle. Alternatively you could add in an anti-cortisol agent like Lean Extreme to see if it helps.

    ~ IRON LIVERô________ *[It's just advice man, that's all it is! You can take or do whatever the FCUK you wanna do!]

  6. it's a mind 8 weeks is way too long. you'll experience some muscle memory and anabolic rebound.

  7. So from what I read here so far, 8 weeks is too long and I should stop this cycle.

    The thing I didnt mention is that I am on 300mg test e per week, 10mg epistane, and 6 tren pellets per day, and 4ml of albuterol

    I was hoping to get down to 31 inch waist. My worry is that if I stop now, ill regain the fat back pretty easily, whereas if I stopped at 31 inch waist (like 10% bodyfat), it will be harder to get fat again.

    Id liek also to point out that I have not lost much strength, in fact, I have been gaining strength in my lifts.

    However, my muscles are looking very flat. I am wondering if this is simply due to glycogen loss; I notice if I eat more, my measurments get bigger.

    Having said all this, should I still stop (start tapering down now) or should I keep going?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by MrBigPR View Post
    it's a mind 8 weeks is way too long. you'll experience some muscle memory and anabolic rebound.
    So after this hell hole, I can expect to regain my normal size? How long did it take you to fully recover?

  9. I've never used t3 or clen, but my brother has. you'll gain as much fat as u want, many tend to binge and eat like they used to. figure out ur bmr and stay strict ondiet.

    the rebound happens in days


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