the emotional part

  1. the emotional part

    Seems like more women suffer from this, but for me, it's a serious issue:
    I am 6 ft 2 and 250 lbs. I've read all sorts of books on training, diet and I think I can already call myself an expert.
    The problem is: I have all kinds of schedules, tried any diet but after 1 or 2 days ( my record is 16 though) I freak out and need my pizza, french fries,.....
    It's always been stronger than myself like a voice saying: eat bad food or I'll kill you ( don't take it literally)
    But on these kinda fora you always see hundred of schedules, diets, but no one talks about the emotional side of it.

    I have no problems with training, but I do have a problem with nutrition.

    Until last yr my weight was around 200 lbs, then I felt okay because all I had to do was shedding maybe 15-20 pounds to have a normal weight

    in a few months time I gained 50 pounds ( ran out of batteries for my scale)
    and right now it's just so hard when you hear people saying: don't lose more than 1 lbs a week. Because all of the sudden my weight was so much higher.
    I have a 35 Pct of body fat.

    And the thing is: I don't eat as much as when my weight was around 200 lbs. Had bloodwork done, everything was fine.

    Please only react if you have something serious to say thanks

  2. Dude seriously? only one stopping you is yourself, kick your appetites ass and dont give in to it.. man up and eat the right ****, find a diet that works for you and stick with it without cheating, you will lose more than 1lb a week at the beginning and get back to where you were before you know it..

  3. for me it took 2 years to clean up my diet.take pasta i use to eat white pasta 4 to 5 times a week i cut that down to 2 times a week then switched to whole gain pasta 2 times a week then 1 time every other week now i do not eat it al all. and pizza pizza was hard i cut it down to friday was pizza night for a few months then i only made 1 pizza for the kids i would eat steak and brown rice and 2 slices of pizza for a few months then i just stoped.
    i found it hard to just change my diet a slow change really helped me

  4. One thing you may not be considering is an environmental change. When I was younger I was very stressed out and pretty fat. Then I switched schools and my stress went way down and I lost 40 pounds in one year even though my diet and exercise was exactly the same.

    I don't know your situation, but more often than not when people are eating too much/bad food it is because of a deeper psychological problem. When you no longer eat to just get nourishment is when you have problems. If you eat when you're bored, tired, sad, stressed, nervous, etc you MUST treat the underlying cause or you will never succeed.

    Also, it is all what you get used to, trust me on this. If you always drink whole milk you will think it tastes normal. But if you always drink fat free, whole tastes like butter. I have been eating clean for so long I get physically sick if I eat pizza, chips etc. But I used to love this stuff. You just have to acquire a new taste, just like beer, coffee, etc.

    Hope that helps.

  5. yes it helps, I just wonder how long it takes to acquire a new taste: there's a belgian book and it's called: stronger than sugar, it claims that if you're refined sugar free for three weeks that you won't like it anymore. At this point I can't imagine that.

    Sometimes I wish I could spend some time at a monastery or something amongst people with the same kinda problems in order to adjust to a new lifestyle.

  6. Same happens to me. I want to eat some chips, some **** food and I LOVE pizza. I could live off of it if only my body would let me.

    But after the results come, and you switch your thinking of food as not a flavor but a fuel. It becomes so much easier. Stop thinking of food in terms of flavor and think of it in terms of fuel. Ask youself, what type of fuel does my body need right now? Carbs? Fat? Protein? A little of each, a pair of each, whatever. I dunno, that's really helped me mentally.

    Now, when I smoke at night and get the hard core munchies and the salmon fillet just isn't cutting it. Instead of going for chips or pizza rolls or something. I'll chop up a cup or 2 of broccoli and eat it uncooked with a bit of red pepper hummis. Tastes pretty good, it's definitely filling and I feel good knowing it's still good for me and low calorie.

  7. I am 6', and up until about 3 years ago, i was in the exact same position you are at 250lbs. I was skinny all my life until I had 1st kid, got married (shotgun wedding), got divorced, lost my job, moved, remarried, more kids, new job again, etc etc etc..

    I was getting ready for my wifes x-mas party and couldnt button my pants or suit coat. Looked in the mirror and felt dusgusted at my appearance, that was when I decided to handle my sh*t.

    First thing you gotta do is cut out simple stuff like SODA & FRIES! Drink water, if plain water bores you put a cyrstal light packet in there for only 5 cal. Instead of gator ade drink powerade zero. I eat a cup of whole grain cheerios and 1/2 cup skim milk for breakfast. To satisfy you comfort food cravings (and I may get flamed for this but it helps ease the transition) go stock up on lean cuisines. I usually wait until they are on sae and get them for under $2 each. They have great pizzas, sandwiches, paninis, as well as roasted turkey with green beans, meatloaf with mac-n-cheese. The calories range from under 200 to 400 per meal. I DONT RECOMMEND YOU ONLY EAT THESE DUE TO THE SODIUM, but mix them in with healthier homemade meals ,like salads, tuna sandwiches, fruit bowls, througout the day to keep your "?NEED?" for comfort foods satisfied. Try to stay below 2500 cal during the week and under 3500 on weekends (as a starting point) but I recommend you do some research n your own to determine your actual caloric needs. Slowly phase these out as you get accustomed to not having them and as you lose weight you will beging to associate the pizza, fries, and soda with being fat.

    Next find some kind of exercise to do. Go for a walk every day after you eat, do something to get your body moving. I started lifting weights for 30 min daily on my lunch break, then added in P90 home workout, it is effective for beginners but gets monotonous fast. Now I am in week 5 of the INSANITY workout and it is hard but effective.

    I also take joint supplements, mutivitamin-multimineral daily,drink a protein shake after workouts, and as I sit here now I am just under 190lbs and still losing. Be patient, be conscious, and be careful.

    When everyone asks me how I did it, I tell them I did it the hard way. Nobody usually like that answer.


  8. All I have to say is you came to the right place. Allowing yourself to gain 50 lbs of fat and blaming it on the scale not having a battery.. That is true lack of motivation. You're at a point where you're crying out for help. Help US help you. Don't think of your diet as a "diet". You gotta think of it as eating clean, eating for a goal and a purpose.. Comfort foods will fill that void and will fill your pants even more. Everyone makes sacrifices when they are dead set on fulfilling something. Make realistic short term goals and bust your ass to meet them. The hardest part about bodybuilding or looking good in general is eating right. Eating to match YOUR needs. You don't need sodium filled, sugar ridden food to make you feel good. What you need is a setting some goals and determing a plan and making notches (not literally) to mark your progress. It's your health. It's your image, your self esteem and your overall sense of well being.

    If you think you have a hormonal problem, go see a doctor and have a blood panel done and post your results. Don't turn to crash diets and anabolics in your quest to lean out... If your routine is on point, post it here and it can be critiqued. Post your diet and we will help you.

    All posts are for entertainment purposes only.

    Need2slin... NOM NOM NOM :yup:

  9. Everybody here has given you good advice so far. Mentally, you have to associate all you negative feelings and misery with the BAD FOOD. I got fat one time...variety of reasons...some within my control some not (ie meds that made me gain 45lbs in 2 1/2 months) but one thing is for sure, now, years later, when I think about how unhappy I was because I was fat.....I blame it on the food! I don't look at junk food, cake, ice cream, pizza like "yum, I want some of that"! I look at and see my previous 280 lb ass sitting on the couch feeling like sh*t and having health problems like I had. I remember not being able to wear cool clothes because I was too freakin fat....not being able to play with my kids because I was too fat.....feeling like crap when I saw someone that I had not seen in a while and seeing it their eyes (like wtf happened to him!)

    So, my point is this: We can kick ourselves in the ass for gaining weight BUT that does nothing but make it worse! Blame the food and couch and the tv! I promise you that if you start to put the blame on junk food, it will be easy to put it down. I swear to you that when I eat birthday cake of something now, I can barely enjoy tastes good but I cannot eat much of it because all I see is myself 70lbs fatter than I am right now and me being diabetic (which I was on the road to fast).

    Put the blame where it should go and relax....makes your decisions really simple

  10. Don't think that I was calling you fat bro.....I was just telling a little of my story!! Good luck, you will get there! First comes desire and you got that!

  11. Dude Ive been big all of my life. It's made me really stop and think what I was doing. Maybe it was the lack of motivation, whatever it was I know I had to change. The food I was eating was killing me slowly and I was hitting up the gym with a horrible routine. My routine got better, but still I continued to eat like crap. I kept pounding out weight at the gym only to see that with my strength gains came another notch on the belt. Underneath this fat on my body I have a good amount of strength and more lean body mass then Ive had in my entire life, and since NOW I know how to eat, respect the word "diet" as more of a life style then some time frame, I am confident that I can finally cut down to where I need to be not only to look good to others but to myself. If not for anything else, do is so that you are happy about what you see when you look in the mirror. You have no one to blame but the decisions, but you have to leave them in the past. I agree with titon, you have to stop kicking yourself while you're down, and focus that energy and let it drive you to make some big changes. Get rid of that "I hate dieting" mentality and make educated decisions that will help with your progress. This site is full of people with success stories and tips to help you stay motivated. That is why I'm logging my cut here, because I know that these guys have my back. If I can say that there is one thing that binds us all together is that there is somewhat of a mutual goal :to look good to ourselves. If you don't love how you look and how you live your life things continue to shut down and seem bleek.

    Keep coming back to AM for support and tips. Tall trees grow where tall trees are.

    All posts are for entertainment purposes only.

    Need2slin... NOM NOM NOM :yup:


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