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  1. clenbuterol

    Ok guys I got my liquid clen in the mail today (200mcg/ml,60 ml). This is my first ever cycle with clen so I was wondering if someone could help me with figuring out the dosage? Any advice? I am planning on hopefully starting my cycle tommorow. So I really apreciate any help.

  2. i would start at 40mcg 2-3x a day and feel it out for a couple days. then go to 60 and up as needed. i wouldnt exceed 100mcg.

  3. How far apart shoud I take the dosages through out the day?

  4. space them out as much as you can, you wont want to take any after dinner or you wont sleep... atleast until you get used to it. i would start with 1 dose upon waking and another pre-workout or mid afternoon depending when you WO

  5. Whats the highest mcg dosage that you can take? Because ive heard that some people up their dosage to 200mcg?

  6. 200mcg in one dose? or over the course of a day?

    i dont think ive ever gone over 120mcg at a time.

  7. I've never gone over 100mcg at one time.

    Clen has a very long half-life. I always took my second dose about an hour after lunch. Any later and I had trouble sleeping.

  8. Hmm.. 200mcg/mL at 60mL. Is your clenbuterol grape flavored by any chance? (look at the liquid if you have not dosed yet, is it purple?
    Just inject.

  9. no its green colored

  10. Quote Originally Posted by liftallday123 View Post
    no its green colored
    Ok, only reason I asked is my source had a purple, grape flavored clenbuterol (didn't know this until it arrived) and I feel the potency might be overstated a bit.
    Just inject.

  11. alright just curious how should I cycle this stuff? Ive read 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on. Another way Ive read of cycling clen is by taking it for 3 weeks straight starting with low dosages and working your way up to 100 by day 8, and then go back down to 80 mcg by day 16, then to 60mcg by day 10, and you end your cycle with 60 mcg. Lol it might be easier to just look at the link below to see what im saying:

    Clenbuterol Dosages | Taking Clenbuterol | Clenbuterol Direct

  12. In all reality, do this:

    2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on

    Start with 40mcg. Add 20mcg daily until sides are quite apparent, then don't advance it any farther.
    Just inject.

  13. Would I take 40mcg twice in one day? And then add 20mcg the next day? (depending on side effects)

  14. I dosed once a day. This was my first run of clenbuterol, however, so I would wait for other's opinions.
    Just inject.

  15. alright thanks for your help. Anyone else have any opnions on dosage or advice?

  16. Dosing once a day is fine bc the half-life is about 18 hrs. I've done it once daily and twice daily with about the same results.

    Dosing twice daily helped reduce the shakes. And u will shake, if your Clen is real that is.

  17. so should i dose twice a day?

  18. the nice thing about a stil like clen is you can actually feel. you will know if you are dosing too high cause you will be jittery and anxious. start with a 40mcg dose in th emorning, if you feel g2g mid afternoon then take your second dose. if you feel symptoms like the jitters then just start with the one dose and reassess the next day.

  19. I would say start out dosing once a day.

    I dosed twice a day when I got above 100 mcg for the day.

    As cook said, let the side effects be your guide.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by liftallday123 View Post
    Ok guys I got my liquid clen in the mail today (200mcg/ml,60 ml). This is my first ever cycle with clen so I was wondering if someone could help me with figuring out the dosage? Any advice? I am planning on hopefully starting my cycle tommorow. So I really apreciate any help.
    How did this cycle go for you?

    What did you end up dosing it at?

    How long did you run it?

    Other supplements used during cycle?

  21. Is there any difference between the liquid clen and tab clen?

  22. Once a day the HL is long as hell (35hrs? dont quote me) Taper up as sides dictate, 120mcgs is a pretty solid high side. I'd start slow at 20mcg for day 1 and 2, then go up. Take Taurine or you WILL cramp. Jaw cramps are the worst. 14 on 14 off is standard, diphenhydramine or ketofien will help clean receptors off making longer cycles possible.

    If you get up to 100+ mcgs a day some people split doses, a popular one is 1st thing in the AM and then right before bed. As long as you get to sleep before it takes full effect you can dodge a lot of sides, ie shaking.

    Be careful. Listen to your body.

  23. definitely start low cause man when you take too much you feel like you are going to die. Be carefull about how much other stims you take also like pre workouts. Watch your blood pressure also as it can really drive it up. It does have a very long half life. I dose is once a day til I start getting jittery, then about every day and a half. I know this is not practiced but others but it does work for me and I do not like the feeling of being stimmed out
    NOT an IFORCE rep, but their new VMS Protean is amazing. I also dropped 15lbs on the testabolan2 and rev2 stack last month.

  24. im startin a clen cycle next week myself. im doin the recommended dosage like on every site, starting with 20mcg 2 hours before i workout so around 10-11am but when u get to 80mcg, id say dose 40mcg morning and and 40mcg pre-workout. after ur cycle u jumpin on t3 or just running clen? im doin adipoxil and tt33 between cycles to boost the thyroids and clen cycle again

  25. Last couple of posts are spot on. You can extend the 2 weeks by taking Benadryl that 3rd week & continue. Combo it with T-3 along with a decent cardio program & diet & you'll be impressed. Listen to your body as I only do 80 mg (4-tabs )spread out through the day & I'm 6"2 220. Taurine is a must for me as well as bp supplement.


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