My first thread/question.

  1. Question My first thread/question.

    Been roaming this site for a while now just soaking in all i could read...

    Been lifting weights now for about 12 years off and on.

    Currently on a t1/4ad cycle.

    5'6'' 190 about 15 percent body fat

    My diet has never been in check. I have an appointment with a nutrinionist
    today to get my diet straight. However im not sure if its worth it.

    To pay a nutritionist that is. All he will do is weigh me tell me my body fat and make out a months diet plan telling me what to eat.

    I need an opinion if i should go. Its not cheap.

  2. No doubting a specialist would help you, especially when your self knowledge of what to eat lacks precision. However, I would recommend you take advantage of boards such as this, since we have plenty of bros, very much knowledgable in nutrition, and other aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Give your questions a shot here, give us your goals and we can get you going here man. A simple plan, of calorie intake, and the source for carbs, protein, fats. Good luck

  3. Agreed with Sage. Nutritionists often do not offer the best advice to a person who is looking to add muslce which I am assuming you are trying to do considering your using PH's. Not bashing anyone who does this as a job, however, they are simply just not often trained to tell a bodybuilder how to eat to achieve his/her goals. You can get quality information on this board and others. Good luck with everthing.

  4. Going to a nutritionist would be like going to a trainer. Yes it may help you, however it also depends on how much of a searcher you are. Personally, I am a self learner. Going to a trainer or a nutrionist really doesnt interest me, because I know myself and I know Ill go online for hours looking for information and learning about it. I myself am a trainer, and the majority of people who come to you are people who do not have the time to look things up and spend hours researching themselves.

    Of course there are some very specialist trainers or nutrionists (Which I am not yet) that can take you to the next level, however your normal run of the mill person will probably not help you much if you already spend the time to learn yourself. Thats what made me be a trainer. When I asked them questions because I was interested, and none of them could ever answer, I figured maybe I would do well at it since I obviously knew more then them.

    There are many knowledgeable people on here who can help if you make the time.

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