cottage cheese no salt added

  1. cottage cheese no salt added

    for anyone picking up some cottage cheese and see a no salt added version (i picked up the 1%), please stick with the regular (whether that be nonfat, 1%...) the axleford brand i get, has 410mg sodium per serving compared to the 70mg for the non added kind but this taste like like eating paste (and i consider myself pretty much a soldier in eating anything, having gotten used to some pretty aweful, but healthy foods. Just an observation. Sage

  2. Thanks for the heads up

  3. Axelrod is ****ing unbearable. Go with Friendship, either the fat free or the 1%, much easier to stomach.

  4. I just checked my Kroger fat free. 360 mg sodium. I ran out a couple of weeks ago, and ate a bowl of my daughter's 4%. I forgot how good the regular tastes. If the salt free is worse than the fat free, they can keep it.

    BTW, the reason I feed my daughter the 4% is because calcium is assimilated better from high fat milk and cttage cheese, and at 5 years old, she needs as much of that as she can get.

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