Clenbuterol cycle

  1. Clenbuterol cycle

    I am currently coming off a bulking cycle and I would really like to try Clenbuterol for my cutting cycle. I did some research and i am still confused on how to run the cycle for I am new to Clenbuterol. Anyway these are some of my questions.
    -How long do you run the cycles?
    -Do you keep your gains when your done using Clenbuterol ?
    -How do I dose it?
    -Is it safe if used correctly?
    -Is theres anything else I should know before getting into this?


  2. -2 weeks on 2 weeks off - unless you dose benadryl
    -Keep your gains? It's for a cut. You don't eat as much so you don't get fat again.
    -Start at 20mcg and work your way up to 100mcg, if the shakes/headaches get too intense step the dose back a bit
    -It's as safe as you are knowledgable with the substance

    Good info here: Liquid Clen/Benedryl/Taurine - Dosing & How to Help

  3. alright sounds cool. Where can you purchase Clenbuterol?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by liftallday123 View Post
    alright sounds cool. Where can you purchase Clenbuterol?
    Can't source check here.
    Just inject.

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