Which CKD diet??

  1. Which CKD diet??

    Ok, ive been looking into CKD diets after being on just a regular atkins type diet and i just have a simple and probably stupid question.

    Which CKD diet is the best?

    Ive seen a few of them....the ketogenic diet by Lyle Mcdonald...and Body opus...but they were written a while ago...was wondering if there is a more up to date version of the CKD with the newest finds? If so...can someone tell me the name of the book and author so i can look it up and get it...or if Lyle McDonald is still fine...ill get his book...

  2. The Keto diet works awesome for shedding fat and maintaining/building muscle

  3. What about the anabolic diet... Dr P

  4. Anabolic Diet is good as well. Can't go wrong with either. I think the Keto diet will help you lose more fat, faster, while the anabolic will still allow you to lose weight, but at a slower pace. Its easier to maintain the Anabolic diet over longer periods of time IMO.

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