eca+leanxtreme kickstard cut look ok?

  1. eca+leanxtreme kickstard cut look ok?

    Kickstart** :facepalm:
    I was trying to do a bulk but a shoulder injury is making things difficult and the doc said to take it easy. I figured I might as well start cutting as I am looking a little flabbier than I'd like to be and a cut would be easier with healing my shoulder. Diet's pretty good and workout is fine but I am trying an eca stack for the first time. Does my idea sound ok?

    ECA once a day 2 days on 1 day off for 2ish weeks (possibly starting with half the dose of E so I don't go overboard. Stims usually do nothing for me so I should be fine)? Then start using lean xtreme to further cut and combat cortisol then finish off lean extreme and go pretty much on just the regular supplements.

    I don't need a super drastic push just a little fat burning kick start after getting back into more cardio and a cutting routine.

  2. Well I started eca and so far I feel nothing from it. Have a heart rate monitor with me and I'm a corpse. I won't assume it's not working but I'm having no stim effects.

  3. Thats weird...what brand Ephedrine?
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  4. bronkaid. I took it up to 3 times a day and I feel nothing. I felt it once mid day when I was doing slight physical activity outside and my heart got going more than it normally would have at that exertion level. I am losing weight and leaning out while still feeling strong but it just doesn't give me any stim effect. Hopefully lean xtreme will help chew away at my stomach region.

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