Need help to clean up this diet...

  1. Need help to clean up this diet...

    My physical therapy is over, and of course the therapist has recommended dieting. I have taken his word and some of the words of the forum members.

    I did some researching today and did some calculations.
    My estimate is, at 5 feet 9 inches and at 193lbs, my body fat is around 25%.

    To lose 2 lb/week I need to eat around 1800 calories a day with these requirements P/C/F 190g/120g/60g.
    Now my question is, CKD, or just a regular diet with carbs?

    I took today to actually record WHAT I EAT on a day where I DON"T LIFT, because on lifting days I sub out food for protein shakes and because it's a lifting day, my motivations are a bit different AND I ACTUALLY stick to the diet plan. Because of this, I'm about to change my routine from MWF, to Mon/Tues and Thur/Fri.

    After logging what I eat, I can see I GROSSLY over estimate the amount of food I am actually eating. I really need to get down and clean this crap up...I'm not going to let food beat me now, because I've already broken my soda addiction...My parents offered me a can and I took a sip and it was soooo nasty and such a strong overpowering taste I gave it back and drank water to clean the taste off my buds.

    After looking at it, I need about 70 more grams of protein and my Carb calories are WAY TOO HIGH...if I drop the carbs a bit I can up the protein .

    Anyways this is the diet.


    Sorry I can't post direct pics.

  2. Also Current Workout:

    Push/Pull split...

    3x10 Dips
    3x6 DB Shoulder Press
    3x10 Neutral Grip DB Press
    3x10 Shoulder Raises
    3x10 Cable Crossers
    Waiters Walks (30-40 lbs)
    Farmers Walks (50-60 lbs)
    20 Mins Cardio

    3x10 Pullups/Chinups
    3x10 Underhand Lat Pulldowns (About to switch to a Cable Row, I really don't feel anything from this)
    3x10 DB/Barbell/T-Bar Rows ( I switch it up )
    3x10 Cable Curls
    2x6-8 Alt DB Curls
    Waiters Walks (30-40 lbs)
    Farmers Walks (50-60 lbs)
    20 Mins Cardio

    Oh yeah, before I forget. I don't have a food scale but to weight chicken...can I use a water displacement method? I take a 20 oz container of water, fill it with 10 oz and then add the breast in and see how much the water level rises?

  3. Okay, I just cleaned the **** out of my diet and I'm printing a plan to keep with me at all times:

    3 Eggs 220 15/3/18
    2 Slices Bread 180 2/28/5
    8 oz Chicken Breast 220-250 5/0/65
    8 oz Chicken Breast 450-570 18/0/67
    Afternoon Meal
    2 Frozen Beef Patties 580 44/0/42
    2 Frozen Beef Patties 580 44/0/42

    Having a bit of an error getting the calories of chicken breasts though.
    If I eat 8oz...according to various sources (fitday, livestrong food plate, 4chan's /fit/ i'm consuming a varying number of calories So I ask you guys what is a general estimation of the number of calories in 8oz of chicken? (if my water method is viable, I will use that to find the ounces, if it is not, then I will go tomorrow and have my meat prepared and when I'm there I'll ask the butcher to show me what an 8oz piece looks like).

  4. Hey Whats your BMR?

  5. I calculated using the first link via google search of calculate bmr and got 2000-2100. HOWEVER, following the above "cleaned up" keto diet, since WEDNESDAY, I'm already down from 194 to 189

    And my strength is unaffected.

    Pretty much 4 days workout, post workout cardio, and farmer/waiter walks, dumbell swinging, and some hanging straight leg ab raises .



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