Slim xtreme and Alpha T2

  1. Slim xtreme and Alpha T2

    Hello, fairly new to the forum. Was wondering if it's safe to take 1 slim xtreme and 1 Alpha T2 n the morning than 1 Alpha T2 in the afternoon? I know the slim xtreme is a stim but I read the Alpha T2 is a fairly low stim.

    Also taken with GNC CLA and a multivitamin. Thk u

  2. slim x was the best stim going...i wouldnt stack it with nothing

  3. The stack looks great ,your dosage looks good!!

  4. Thank u very much

  5. It's safe but SlimX = ZERO SLEEPfor days for me. So, if you are having issues, get off that CRAP and switch to OEP



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