my cutting diet

  1. my cutting diet


    1scoop whey
    half small canaloupe melon

    egg scramble
    4 large whole
    2 large whites
    40g reduced fat cheese
    40 porridge oats

    late morning
    3 scoops whey
    1tbsp peanut butter

    turkey roll ups
    115g turkey dli meet
    80g reduced fat cheese sliced

    midday snack

    225g lowfat coottage cheese
    2tbsp salsa

    pre workout

    2 scoops whey


    2scoops whey
    350ml gatorade


    255g chicken reast
    180g chopped broccoli
    200g mixed green salad
    1tbsp oil and vinegar and salad dresing

    night time snack

    225g low fat cottage cheese

    i dunno if i should add more carbs. thing is i do scaffolding so it wull be hard to keep up with that diet i recon

  2. bump.

    what us guys think?

  3. whats your macros?

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