(Bobo or anyone): When is the best time to take in fats?

  1. (Bobo or anyone): When is the best time to take in fats?

    First Question. What are FFA's. Sorry if its a stupid question, but theres so many damn abbreviations its hard to keep track and I keep seeing you mention FFA's.

    I have noticed lately you have been saying DO NOT take in fats post workout (Im assuming this means both lifting and cardio?) Why exactly is this again? Is it because of just working out your fat gets stored? Or is it because post workout you need to spike your insulin to get glycogen back up and the insulin spike causes fat storage?

    With that being said it is also probably a bad idea to ever take in fats with an insulin spike because it will easily be absorbed and stored I would assume? So when is the best time to take your fats for the day in? What kind of macronutrient combo is best when taking in your fats? Lets say your having a homemade weightgainer shake. Some milk, natty PB, whey, oats, and maybe some flax oil. ( I read this recipe from someone on here, cant remember who.) so that recipe has the sugars from the milk, which are gonna spike your insulin...and then the fat from PB and Flax...is that good? Also. I always thought post workout would be a good time to take in a massgainer...but then again this homemade gainer has more fat then any Ive used in the past. So PW seems like not a good time to take it. Is it a good recipe? and if it is, when would be the optimal time to take it?

    Thanks guys. Nutrition is so goddamn complicated. Everyday Im learning more and more about it. And as soon as I think I have it down, bam...all that Ive learned is disproved and I learn all new stuff.

  2. Insulin increases LPL (Lipoprotein Lipase) which in basic terms are responsible for "catching" FFA's (Free Fatty Acids) that are circulting in the blood stream. Once they catch them they are stored as tryglycerides within adipose cells (fat cells). If you have an abundance of glucose circulting, insulin will rise. As a results the body will store excess FFA's into tryglycerides because it senses an abundance of glucose already circultaing (since both are used for energy). That is the extremely basic version. Anything more complicated and you will jsut get more confused. I will answer more in detail later of you want, but I have to run right now.
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