Critique My Diet! Currently 358g Protein!

  1. Critique My Diet! Currently 358g Protein!


    5 hard boiled eggs = 31 Protein
    Protein Shake Doubled (w/ water) = 46g Protein

    Ground Beef 5oz patty grilled = 34g Protein
    Protein Shake Doubled (w/ water) = 46g Protein
    Four Slices of American Cheese Processed = 22g Protein
    Some Mixed Fruits

    Pre Workout
    5g Creatine Monohydrate w/ water
    Some Snack Not Sure Ideas Please

    Post Workout
    Protein Shake Doubled (w/ water) = 46g Protein
    5g Creatine Monohydrate w/ water

    Milk Or Water
    2 Ground Beef 5oz patties grilled = 64g Protein
    1 cup string beans cooked with almonds = 7g Protein
    Mixed Fruit

    Before Bed
    Protein Shake Doubled (w/ water) = 46g Protein
    Jif Peanut Butter Extra Crunchy 4tbs = 16g Protein

    Total Protein = 358grams

    Now I have some questions Im 5"6 and weigh 120lbs. Im trying to significantly increase my protein intake and gain weight. I would like to know what I should put into my pre-workout besides the creatine drink.

  2. Yes, that is a lot of protein, but its almost all protein..hardly no carbs and very few healthy fats. A lot of people hear so many bad things about carbs and so many bad things about fat, that they just exclude both..Include some carbs from green vegetables, oats, rice, and whole wheat have the right idea with the almonds..Try to add some more healthy fats like flax, olive oil, and unsalted nuts. I see you have included milk and PB at the end of the day to slow down digestion..good. Throw away the Jiffy and go buy some Smuckers All Natural PB (no trans fats and tastes better anyway). Also, if you have not done so, go register at and log your meals at the end of each day. I've been doing this for a long time and it really helps.

    The subject of how many grams of protein can be absorbed in one sitting has been debated for years. I try not to go over 50 or 60 grams in one meal, others will tell you differently. Hope this helps.

  3. You need to rethink things completely IMO. You are 120lbs?! Ok, that's light....let's start basic here. Forget everything above and focus on ratios and calorie count first I'd say. Have you always been light? Do you eat alot as it is?

    I would try about 3000 calories in a 40/40/20 split. Redo your meals around these, trying to use whole foods more than shakes. I'm not going to tell you to use some sugar loaded weight gainer, but focus on some whole foods more than you have above (i.e add some carbs to that diet, at your weight you can get away with it well I'm sure). Your fats are high and carbs are low......this isn't necessarily bad, but for someone who is trying to gain weight carbs will be your friend.

    Another good idea is to try and get a reading of your current bodyfat and set some limits to stop bulking and rethink your diet again if you add too much fat and too little lean. Everyone reacts so differently to diet it's hard to say, but we can see one thing is need some quality calories!!!

  4. You're only 16yrs 120lb, you can save a bit of money by reducing your protein shakes and eating more whole foods by following jweaves recommendation.

  5. Alright well I dont have time to cook meals, Im going to try to add another meal tommorow pickup some meats and premake them all day tommorow and throw them in a fridge in my room

  6. dude i told you to shoot for like 250, since you said you were eating 140 a day.....i barely get 350 and i outweigh you by like 80 lbs.

    Also train properly dont just go in there and work out whatever, like you told me earlier. Read the training section and find a good 3-4 day split, eat eat eat eat!

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