Fat gain in PCT

  1. Fat gain in PCT

    OK!! So I wrapped up a 6 week P-Mag cycle but a few days into PCT i noticed some shoulder pain. I went to the Doc and he said shut everything down for a week. No cardio, no legs, no working out period. I got a second opinion from a more professional Doc and he diagnosed me with rotator cuff tendonitis and told me to go through some physical therapy for 3x a week for a month.

    The problem is i've gained some serious fat pretty quickly. Ending my cycle i was at 187 lbs bf @ 8% on May 25th. Today, June 17th, Im at 192 lbs bf @ 10.7%. Im trying to keep my calories high to maintain my gains but I just seem to be getting fatter. My pants are fitting tighter and I feel disgusting. I've ramped up the cardio with some HIIT 5-7x a week and Im working out EXCEPT any exercise involving my shoulder(No bench, pushups, most back exercises, dips, shrugs). Basically im just doing legs, biceps, and abs with some skull crushers and back extentions which leaves me working out 4x a week and going heavy to keep my strenghth(6-8 rep range)

    Im wondering if i should drop my calories down and maybe pick up a fat burner? Or should i just keep doing what Im doing? Also any suggestions on some more exercises?

  2. Sucks not having abnormal hormones in yo body haha

  3. For realz...I already got my 2nd cycle lined up, but even before my cycle my bf was steady @ 9-9.5 with pretty much the same diet and never did I gain this much fat in my midsection.

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