Clen during PCT?

  1. Exclamation Clen during PCT?

    I am about to run PCT for a 6 weeks turinabol lv cycle. I am considering running a few weeks of Clen towards the end of PCT but I have no experience with it?
    My PCT consists of
    Liq. Nolva 20/20/10/10
    TRS stack from PP
    TCF-1 for the first 12 days

    I have cut up nicely with the Turinabol but I would like to see if I can drop that last little layer that just won't die!!!
    If its possible to add this to the cycle what else needs to be added for comfort and safety??

  2. I'm no PCT expert, but I'd say wait on the clen until your PCT is over.

  3. i like clen all the time, eat more and dont get fat
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