How much caffeine to use pre w/o...(my supp is only caffeine)...

  1. How much caffeine to use pre w/o...(my supp is only caffeine)...

    How much mgs should I be using for a cut?
    I have 59 (as of now) 200 mg pills.

  2. I can't take more than 200mg. If I do, I feel like absolute crap and have a horrible workout. But that's just me. I'm certain others can take more.

  3. and how often?
    I'm guessing once a day around 15-30 minutes before W/O?

  4. 200-500mg is what Muscle & Fitness says. I only go 200

  5. 100 - 200 mg PWO for me. I'm not sure what a full serving of jack3d or NO xplode has, but you're probably 200+ there I'd guess.

    Caffeine is dirt cheap, and you can use more than 200 mg/day for cutting. I probably space out 400-500 mg on some days while keeping calories low, it helps for both energy and keeping metabolism higher...



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